Jed Jaguars - Club Ethos

Posted: 3rd September 2019

We ask that all players, coaches and parents/carers read and adhere to this document at all times.

To qualify for selection to play at fixtures players must :-


  • Be fully paid members of JED Mini Rugby
  • Have registered on SCRUMS (SRU directive)
  • Be properly equipped to play (ie in possession of team kit, boots and a mouth guard)
  • Have attended training regularly, demonstrating they can play safely and know the laws for the level of the game they are aged to play.
  • Consider and report any medical matters your coach should be aware of to ensure best care for the player.



At JED Mini Rugby Club we believe that our main coaching goal is to instil in all of our children a love of the game of Rugby Football and above all, for them to have fun whilst learning the skills and techniques that will make them better players.  Additionally, we will endeavour to convey the traditions and principles of fair play and good fellowship that our game is known for throughout the world.  Winning every game is not the major objective of our coaching! Our focus is on the “playing” of the game, teaching skill as “good habits” and with time, more advanced skills, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

With this in mind we intend to play mixed ability teams throughout the season.  We know this means we will not win all our games but it does mean, that no team will get soundly beaten, which we think could occur with seeded games.  It also allows the more experienced players to assume a greater responsibility whilst the less experienced players can still enjoy competitive play.  It is important that players develop a balanced understanding of both winning and losing.

Please note, this year Jed Mini Rugby tournament will follow SRU initiatives regards to AGE GRADE LAW VARIATIONS, details of which can be found at




JED Mini Rugby will always welcome new players at any age group.  Once a new player can safely play at their relevant age level and have completed the requirements to be a club member they will be eligible to play in matches.



On Festival days : we will take a single team made up of players from each age group on a rotational basis.  The actual number taken will depend on the age group concerned.  Note P1 and P2 players will typically not play at Festivals.

A certain amount of coach discretion will be applied to ensure no team is too weak to face the given opposition, not on the basis of the match possibly being lost but to ensure that players can engage safely.  As the season progresses attendance at training will gain a greater weighting in match selection and potential game time.

Players who wish to be selected for tournaments are expected to be very regular attendees at training sessions.  We understand that missing training sessions occasionally is unavoidable, however players who regularly miss sessions will not be eligible for selection.



The detail of fixtures is set out in the spreadsheet on the Facebook page.  Coaches will contact players parents/carers generally either by email, Whats App or text in the week prior to the weekend match.  It is important that you confirm availability and ensure attendance.


Parents/carers can help with the process of selection in the following ways :-

  • It would be helpful to notify the coaches as far in advance as possible (ideally to coaches mobile number) that a player will not be available for fixtures due to other commitments (e.g. holiday, social events)
  • No response to any communication will be taken to mean unavailability.  Please make sure all contact details given are ones which are regularly checked.  We cannot expect coaches to have to continually ask parents/carers for a response.
  • On match/tournament days it is the parents/carers responsibility to be contactable if they are not attending their child’s fixture.  Make sure that you keep your available via Facebook, text, email and Whats App.
  • Make sure all coaches have an up to date contact email address / mobile phone number.
  • We will make every effort to let people know about any cancellations immediately we are made aware but extremely bad weather or club problems can never be fully anticipated and may require “last minute” notification.
  • Ensure that your child understands the basis on which selection will be made.



We ask that a parent/carer remain with players at P1-P3 level.  If you cannot stay, then please make arrangements for another adult to be there to take responsibility for the player.

  • Please arrive before the start time of our Sunday training sessions (10am).
  • Selected players are expected to arrive in plenty of time and at the designated time given by the coaches for tournaments.

Failing to turn up when selected, wandering off during games and departing early without the agreement of the coach in charge is unacceptable and will affect a player’s prospects for future selection.



Parents/carers of players need to remember that all our coaches are volunteers, and give up their time to allow your child to play.  Unlike school, we don’t have to continue to work with young people who will not listen to, or will not follow coaches’ instructions. The coaches and other players have the right to coach and be coached without having poor behaviour interrupting the session.  If you, as a parent/carer, witness your child misbehaving please call them over, and deal with them.  Do not just expect the coach to discipline your child.  If a coach is having an issue, it will be brought to your attention, and we will expect your support in helping them to continue to enjoy rugby.



Please do not challenge selection decisions on the touchline.  If a player or parent/carer is unhappy with a selection decision they should take it up with a member of the coaching staff after any match and any coaching debrief is ended.  The coach will then be able to give any matter individual and considered attention and ensure it is brought to the attention of the other members of the coaching team.  It will also give all parties the chance to cool down and reflect on the issue before it is discussed.


Every effort will be made to come to an acceptable solution, however in the event that a matter is not resolved to the parents satisfaction it will be referred to the Mini Section Chairman (Dave McKay) and if necessary the club committee.

We do however remind you that all the coaches are voluntary, and give up their time freely to allow mini rugby to take place.

We ask that all parties carry out any discussion in a calm, rational manner, with an open mind, and a willingness to listen to all points of view.